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After you submit your site when you add the following code to your site, your blog members and visitors informed about your participation you will have. An area code you wish you can add to your site. Blog Awards - Toplist

When you add the code to your site will appear as above.

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They use blogs to reach blog readers, perhaps most important of resources under various categories blogs blog directory by organizing and indexing sites are providing access to feed. and your site will rank, will provide visitors with access to the supply within both competitions will earn you rewards. If you want to increase your traffic, you can read as much as you need to be included in the directory. However, you must be familiar with SEO will be beneficial on your part.

Before you start recording to your blog site TOPlist have to pay attention to some points;By adding your site to our index and our index has entered the competition as well as can be.

✔ The address given here there is always the possibility of outdated. If you encounter such a situation, starting from the home page you can try to move. Have noticed dead links or e-mail with the statement that we can pass on.
✔ Directories also increase the rate indexed to the site, your blog will benefit in a serious sense.
✔ As a result of advertising on your site contents may not be indexed in some directory. Some directory service that the service can not welcome the blog created for commercial purposes.
Some sites can cause problems with alphabetical characters.

Any order in the ranking (in alphabetical order of importance, etc.) is not in question. In also wanted to offer you a directory listing.

Some of the popular blog directories are listed below;

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